Drip Irrigation on Corn

Benefits of Drip Irrigation in Corn

Improved distribution uniformity, high water use efficiency, increased crop uniformity and higher yields.

Potential savings and/or improved efficiency of water and fertilizers.

Lower evaporation losses due to reduced soil surface wetting.

Improved field access due to drier soil surface.

Better ability to manage irrigation and minimize nitrate leaching.

Ability to precisely feed nutrients and crop care products throughout the plant growth stage. Easily allows for late season nitrate applications.

Easily automated to facilitate precise irrigation system management.

Drip Irrigation Techniques in Corn

Subsurface Drip Irrigation

Subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) applies water beneath the soil surface, directly to the root zone of the crop. Here are just a few of the reasons growers are choosing SDI:

• Increased crop yield and quality: SDI provides the most efficient way to deliver water and nutrients directly to the plant roots at the precise time and in the precise quantity the plant needs.
• Potential savings and/or improved efficiency of water and fertilizers.
• SDI easily adapts to small and odd shaped parcels, allowing for complete irrigation coverage.
• SDI provides a drier soil surface, minimizing weed growth and weed germination.
• SDI eliminates leaf wetness and reduces the relative humidity in the crop canopy which reduces disease pressures.
• SDI decreases groundwater contamination and leaching of nutrients caused by over irrigation and poor irrigation uniformity.
• SDI allows the use of recycled water while complying to environmental and public health regulations which prohibit overhead irrigation of certain crops with recycled water.
On-Surface Drip Irrigation

On-surface installation of drip irrigation on corn would typically be accomplished using a temporary manifold and tapes installed in every other row.

All other system considerations remain the same (filtration, pressure control, maintenance).

• On-surface installations will need to be removed at the end of the growing season, and should be installed soon after planting.
• Depth of installation is much shallower than traditional SDI applications, typically the tape is installed 1-2” deep to prevent being displaced by the wind.
• In an on-surface installation a 6-8 mil tape is generally used, and either retrieved, and reused or disposed of after the growing season.
• Lower up-front costs. Little or no permanent infrastructure is required.
• Portability: system can be moved from field to field. Portable layflat can be retrieved and reused many times.
• Inexpensive entry point and lower learning curve for a grower to explore benefits of drip irrigation. No minimum tillage requirement.
• Less problems with rodent damage.

Maximize Yield through Efficient Delivery of Water and Nutrients

Through high distribution uniformity, drip irrigation maximizes water use efficiency. It allows a grower to precisely manage water applications, optimizing performance at every physiological stage.

Drip irrigation also gives growers the flexibility to quickly and effectively apply nutrients to the root zone, at the time when the corn needs it most. Providing the right amount of nutrients at the right time promotes root development and improves crop development and yield.

If a grower’s goal is to reduce or contain water usage, drip irrigation gives the ability to use available water in a highly efficient manner. If water savings is not a goal, water applied can be efficiently used to push the crop to its maximum potential.

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