Environmental DIS

Environmental Irrigation System

Water for Life

Water, essential for human life, health and economic prosperity, is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. Water use is raising double the rate of global population growth owing to urbanization, more water intensive agricultural products, growing industrialization of emerging markets and the impact of climate change. Supply of fresh water is relatively static
Agriculture utilizes almost of 70% of world fresh water usage. Modern Irrigation Technology is essential to conserving agricultural water and improving agricultural productivity.

Eurodrip Environmental Irrigation Systems

Environmental drip irrigation is linked to the reduction of water consumption, the optimal use of fertilizers and the efficient, controlled utilization of pesticides and herbicides. Using monitoring systems for assessing water and nutrients in the soil and in the plant and predicting disease development are key parameters in minimizing environmental and ecological damage.

By adopting Eurodrip Environmental Irrigation Systems you secure...

  • Improvement in water conservation by reducing water consumption
  • Improvement in fertilizer efficiency
  • Reduction of Pesticide and Herbicide requirements
  • Improvement of disease control
  • Improvement of wastewater application
  • The recycling of wastewater through advanced drip irrigation systems can save fresh water for other uses as urban consumption
  • Improvement and solutions to the Organic Farming Industry
  • Organically produced crops require higher control in the process of watering, fertigation and application of drip irrigation help maintain food safety and efficiencies

Drip Irrigation - Energy Business - Biofuel Solutions

Agricultural companies face an attractive market opportunity, the energy production. Higher energy prices, limited crude oil supplies, depended fuel resources, coupled with the need to clean up environment and produce less toxic emissions are driving the development of renewable energy substitutes. The Biofuel Ethanol is gaining distinction as a clean burning, high-octane substitute to traditional petroleum fuels.

The utilization of 'Biofuel-Energy' crops like sugarcane, corn, sugar beet, rice straw leads to...

  • Higher yield per hectare of land
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Reduction of biofuel costs
  • Uniform quality
  • Constant supply of Biomass to the Biofuel industry
Eurodrip products and services ensure an effective Biofuel crop management.