Greenhouse Projects


By providing constant support to green house growers, through a comprehensive selection of quality irrigation, climate control and other systems for greenhouses, nurseries and net houses.



Drip irrigation systems for 18 hectares (45 acres) of greenhouses, for the needs of the Algerian Institute of vegetables (IDCM). Supply of equipment: middle of 1987. Algerian field engineer visited our facilities and received a short training course.


Ministry of Agriculture: Supply of irrigation equipment for 25 hectares of greenhouses. The greenhouses are exported by Greek manufacturer and EURODRIP has designed and supplied the irrigation system. Supervision will follow as soon as supply is completed. Total value of equipment: 120.000 USD.

Al Hallal Group

Supply of 300.000 mtrs of dripline for greenhouses. Design and supervision of the installation via our field engineer Mr. Varsos. Five medium to large size projects, each of 150-200 feddans were installed by our agents M/s Moussa & Co, and a EURODRIP engineer was permanently stationed in Egypt.


Japarozje (10 hectares) greenhouses and orchards

Experimental greenhouse projects

  • Leto - Leningrand
  • Sofhoz Moscofski Moscow Z
  • Aparoszky
  • Tolliaty Kuibyshevskaya
  • CKB