Human resources

HR at Eurodrip Group

Human resources are the strength and the basic factor for the evolution, expansion and successful course of Eurodrip Group. With ongoing and systematic support on both the business and the personal development, the employee faces the working environment as a permanent opportunity and challenge for development.

We acknowledge that people are not induced only from the financial benefits and promotions, which is why we created a business environment that encourages, supports, and promotes the mutual trust, communication, cooperation and recognition.

We try to establish an environment in which the talent of our people are developed, and where the attempts, skills and actions have one common intention: the obtainment of the group’s goals. This can be achieved when the employees, along with the aims of the company, can meet their personal ambitions.

We aim on the recruitment as well as preserving of our human resources that will cover the existing as well as the forthcoming needs of our company. If you are interested for a position in Eurodrip Group, be informed for the Career Opportunities.