Who we are

Eurodrip S.A. through its global network of own subsidiaries and independent dealers, offer cost effective modular, integrated drip irrigation solutions customized to meet specific agricultural and landscaping needs. Eurodrip is the European leader in manufacturing and supplying integral dipper lines.

Eurodrip was established in 1979 and is the first European company to become involved with drip irrigation. Its innovative method of incorporating drippers into the pipe results to water conservation and greater crop yield.

The company applied a revolutionary manufacturing method by which drippers made out of polyethylene (PE) were internally embodied directly in the pipeline during the extrusion process (with no internal attachments) forming a single piece of irrigation line. This ensures controlled water supply by pushing small amounts of water through the exit holes. This procedure is the most advanced and cost effective in the industry.

The company by using its global reach and resources and the local experience and expertise, can provide a broad range of applications in

Open field crops by applying both Surface and Subsurface applications (SDI) with drip irrigation systems offering several advantages. Increased crop yield, better and uniform quality, substantial savings of water, energy and fertilizers, savings on crop protection, material and energy usage, reduce weed pressure and improved control, results higher income for the growers. Moreover SDI multi-year use, eliminates weed growth, improves disease control, reduces mechanical damage and provides healthier and better quality crops.

Greenhouse Projects by providing constant support to greenhouse growers, through a comprehensive selection of quality irrigation, climate control and other systems for greenhouses, nurseries and net houses.

Landscape by offering a complete range of surface and subsurface drippers, micro-sprinklers, pop-up sprinklers, valves, filters, controllers and accessories for a broad range of residential and municipal landscape applications.

Eurodrip offers Comprehensive Turn Key Solutions for agriculture and landscaping.

By utilizing technical, financial, managerial resources and expertise, Eurodrip's professional team of agronomists and irrigation engineers, can design, supply and install turnkey projects worldwide. No matter how big or small the drip irrigation needs are, the people at Eurodrip stand ready to work hand by hand with everyone that needs a complete solution, in order to ensure quality products, provide the highest value and open new opportunities for expansion and growth.

Eurodrip Group employs more than 650 people worldwide. The sales outside the Greek market account for roughly 90% of total sales. The company has achieved strong brand recognition with its high quality products, advance tested technology and solid in-house production know-how.